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Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

If you're looking for an elite Instant coffee, then look no further. Our Miles freeze dried is a popular choice amoung hotels, cafes and people alike. A blend of Arabica coffees from around the world, carefully roasted and freeze dried to give a rich, smooth taste.

Use 1 teaspoonful per cup. Pour on hot water/milk and stir, add sugar, milk or cream to taste.

In freeze-drying, brewed coffee is frozen into granules, which are then placed in a vacuum chamber, where the water sublimates (evaporates without liquifaction) and produces this freeze dried coffee. What a conversation piece.

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Allergy Advice: Contains Milk

Suitable for vegetarians.

Instant Coffee Sticks Instant Coffee Sticks Introducing our Miles Instant Coffee Sticks. Available in boxes of 100 or 500, these stylish sticks will look good anywhere. This is quality Freeze dried coffee, one stick per cup. These sticks are perfect for guest rooms.
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