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Miles Tea make jumbo cuppa!

Somerset-based Miles have teamed up with Paignton Zoo to officially launch their company re-branding. A bright and breezy new design is hitting the shelves across the West Country this summer. The elephant logo has undergone a makeover, and now shows the brighter side of being an elephant! 

Company directors Derek Miles and John Halls came to Paignton Zoo in Devon to meet Duchess the African elephant – and even found a tea cup to match her size. View photos here.

Derek Miles is the third generation of the Miles family to go into the tea business. He is now in his 80s but his passion for tea and elephants is still strong. Derek visited an elephant orphanage whilst on a trip to a tea plantation a few decades ago, and the experience has been forever etched in his memory.

“The thought of having the opportunity to come face to face with an elephant at Paignton Zoo is very exciting. This is such a privilege; I never thought I would be able to meet an elephant here in the West Country.”

Miles have been tea and coffee specialists since 1888. Their products are blended by the coast in Minehead and Porlock. Paignton Zoo is a registered charity and is open daily.

Questions and Answers. The Rebrand.

Why have you changed your packaging? Our previous range was made up of a mix of designs and logos. Some changed a couple of years ago and others have not been looked at for a decade. We have invested in rebranding our business across the whole range, becoming available over the next few months.

Has the price gone up? Our prices have not gone up.

Our new West Country Original will be the same price as our current Original Blend.

Anything else? We are going to leave no stone unturned. Every part of our business will be revamped in time, including our Enveloped Teabags, Retail Coffee, Instant Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Like our Facebook Page, or sign up to our newsletter for timely updates.


Why can’t I buy a 240 Earl Grey any more? Our sales were not high enough to continue to stock our 240 Earl Grey Teabags. Earl Grey is scented with Oil of Bergamot and it is better to buy a little and often to maintain its delicate aroma. For this reason we do not offer it in an 80 pack size either.  

Why can’t I buy a 40 Kenya and 240 Kenya any more? Our new Smugglers Gold is a great alternative to the previous Kenya. It has a high Kenya content, complimented with a touch of Assam and Ceylon. It’s available as a 40 and 240 and also in an 80. Our sales were not high enough to continue to stock either the 40 or 240 Kenya Teabags.

Is there anything new? Yes, our very popular Decaffeinated Teabags are now available in an 80 Teabags pack (as well as the 40 and 240 size)

Loose Tea

Why is your tea in a box? We were struggling to buy the old style bags. The tea is now packed in a foil pouch inside the carton, to keep it fresh. This brings us more in line with some of our competitors and it does allow for the product to be stacked on shelf.


Speciality Loose Tea

Why is your tea in a box? We wanted to create a great range of speciality teas that could be displayed on a shelf in a consistent and appealing way. The tea is packed in a foil pouch inside the carton, to keep it fresh.

Why has the weight changed in the cartons? Where possible we have kept the weight the same in the carton but for some of the more bulky teas we have had to adjust the weight to fit the carton.

Retail Coffee

Why hasn’t the retail coffee changed? You won’t need to wait too long for the rebrand to extend to our Retail Coffee. We have an exciting new lineup coming soon in bright and lively packaging.

When will the retail coffee change? We expect our new look retail coffee to be available later this year.

Hot Chocolate

When will the Hot Chocolate change? We expect our new look retail Hot Chocolate to be available later this year.

For further questions please contact: or call 01643 703993

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