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Great tea, fit for a king!

For generations, Miles Tea and Coffee have brought a warming cheer to the people of Somerset and beyond. On 11th May 878AD, Alfred the Great gathered all the people of Somerset (formally know as Wessex) to march against the Danish army.  If there was one tea that Alfred the Great would have sipped before gathering the people of Somerset to fight, it would have been our Smugglers blend. A strong, bright tea, that is guaranteed to boost any king and his army. Along with King Alfred, tea smuggling is surrounded in local West Country folklore and arrayed in a cloak of romance and respectability.

The rugged coastline around the South West has a notorious history of smuggling with its inaccessible remote beaches and craggy cliffs. Many colourful stories also abound of ambitious smuggling runs.
So, bring a crowning moment to your day by sharing a cup of our Smugglers tea with the County on Somerset Day.

A donation will be made to ‘The Somerset Community Foundation’ from the Smugglers tea sold in connection with Somerset Day on the 11th May.

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